Company Background Management Profile Awards & Accolades Community Commitment
3C Incorporated markets the CareOne brand of debt relief services and financial education to consumers.

CareOne Services Inc. provides consumers with multiple solutions to complex money problems.

Amerix Corporation provides the back-office processing and technology for credit counseling agencies and debt relief providers.

About Us

Since its inception, Ascend One Corporation and its family of businesses have snubbed convention and challenged the debt management industry to find better, innovative ways to help consumers pay off their debt and become financially secure.

While traditional debt management organizations in the credit counseling industry view their work as a social service and offer only one resource – a debt management plan, Ascend One recognizes that consumer debt is a financial issue. One solution does not fit every consumer's needs. The company recognizes that consumers' needs are not being met as more and more Americans over extend themselves financially. Ascend One meets this need through its full spectrum of debt solutions. The company is developing a new space for itself outside the debt management/credit counseling industry – financial fitness.

These accomplishments are the results of an organization that is always transforming itself by placing the consumer's needs first and looking ahead at consumer trends and challenges to come up with debt solutions that are innovative, relevant and effective.

At the foundation of the company's success is an emphasis on consumer money management education as well as the implementation of the most cutting-edge technology. This technology along with the debt management solutions developed by Ascend One has enhanced the company's customer service experience. Ascend One's businesses have worked to assist nearly one million people pay off their debt. It is also an example of how technology can benefit an entire industry, making important solutions available to more consumers.

From a small, start-up business with two employees at a kitchen table to a robust enterprise with employees across the country, helping people overcome their debts remains the Ascend One's top priority. This practice has set Ascend One apart in an industry that has changed little since it was created by creditors in the 1950's as a way to recover monies owed to them. Ascend One is committed to working solely on behalf of consumers– accepting no funding from creditors – to help them gain the confidence and knowledge to better manage their finances and become debt free.