Company Background Management Profile Awards & Accolades Community Commitment
3C Incorporated markets the CareOne brand of debt relief services and financial education to consumers.

CareOne Services Inc. provides consumers with multiple solutions to complex money problems.

Amerix Corporation provides the back-office processing and technology for credit counseling agencies and debt relief providers.

Community Commitment

Ascend One Corporation aspires to the highest level of corporate citizenship and philanthropic leadership.
The company encourages the civic involvement, volunteerism and monetary donations of its executives and team members and supports those activities through a multi-faceted program of corporate contributions, in-kind services, company-organized activities, educational programs, and internal and external recognition and other incentives.
Ascend One believes that people with strong and supportive families who have a good education are less likely to find themselves in financial trouble. Therefore, Ascend One Corporation has historically supported organizations and activities that strengthen families and promote education."